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    I have noticed that after the last couple of updates, the Talmud is no longer searchable. When a search term is entered, the references are still located on the left column but when a reference is clicked the program jumps to the very first page of the document rather than to the reference to the search term. When the search box at the bottom of the page is used no reference is displayed and the document page displays a help page. This was few days ago, but stopped working after the latest 8.0 updates.

    Additionally when the Mishnah only button is selected and then text is selected and copied from page displayed, the All of the intervening Talmud text is copied to the clipboard. instead of just the Mishnah text that was displayed.

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    I have version but had .5y running previously. Both versions do exactly as you say - you search on a term, double click the reference in the left window and get the first page of the section. As a temporary workaround, you can click in the section, press ctl-F and search for your term.
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