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    Question Grammatical Phrasing or Sentence Flow layout

    I will often take time in my exegesis , especially of the Epistles, to lay out the thought of the passage in a “phrasing” or “sentence flow” format that leaves the main thoughts (subject/verb) on the left and indents supporting clauses and phrases. I describe or highlight grammatical or logical ties between the phrases. Sometimes I place these grammatical notes (in English) at the end of the line in parentheses. Other times I have used the MS Word Reviewer Comments to write notes about the grammatical constructions, which then appear in the markup on the right. In the attached example view from MS Word, I’ve done both.
    I also highlight terms on which I may need to do a word study, a cultural or geographical background study, or a doctrinal study.
    My question to others is how do you use features in the BW editor, MS Word, MS OneNote, etc. to create similar sentence flow diagrams?

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