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Thread: Typing Hebrew in the Search w/ Vista and BW8

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    Default Typing Hebrew in the Search w/ Vista and BW8

    I am new to Bibleworks, 8.0 is the first version I have tried. So far I have been unsuccessful at typing Hebrew (and to some extent Greek) in the Search command line. For Hebrew I am trying to use the Israeli Keyboard. In the BW editor the Keyboard works as expected, but in the Search window the characters appear as accented Latin characters.

    I have tried searches by typing a period and then typing the equivalent keystrokes for the word I want to search on and every search fails and often BW crashes and has to be restarted. I have even tried simply copying text from the Hebrew bible in BW and pasting the text into the search window and although I do get some Hebrew characters, they are the wrong Hebrew characters and often have a lot of garbage characters mixed in. When I copy unpointed text typed into the editor window and paste it into the search window, I get vowel pointings (that were not in the text) without any of the original Hebrew letters (that were in the text)? Example אהבה when pasted into the search command line becomes a segol and a sheva, but all of the Hebrew letters themselves are lost.

    I have tried setting the language option to manual and auto select; in auto the correct langauge is indicated on the vista status bar (bottom right part of the Screen) when the search text is set for Hebrew.

    Obviously there are a lot of bugs still yet to be fixed, but I am wondering if anyone has a work around for the time being?
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