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Thread: BW7 - Screen won't maximize correctly

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    Default BW7 - Screen won't maximize correctly

    For some reason when I switch between programs from Bibleworks to MS Word or IExplore or Firefox or anything else using the Alt-Tab function, or the minimize/maximize function, or the taskbar, my main BW window doesn't maximize all the way. I have to close and reopen BW to fix this. I have tried to recreate the problem with steps and I can't. It just seems to happen randomnly. The last time it happened I had 2 IExplore windows open and an MS Word Doc.

    I run XP Pro, Office 2003, BW 7.0.020d.1, and my machine is updated and spyware/virus free.

    Any ideas? I have attached the pic of what this looks like when it happens.


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    Default Perhaps ... ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ericjdaniels View Post
    Any ideas? I have attached the pic of what this looks like when it happens.


    To things you could check/consider:
    1. Do you have enough memory installed?
    2. Could you be running low on resources? I remember that I had some problem on my XP machine, if I either had two many opened program (you do not seem to have that, but IE could perhaps run some extensions or whatever?) or had been opening and closing too many programs and windows. Word 2003 is also a memory-hungry program, as far as I remember.
    3. Which graphics card? I had an Acer with a graphics card/chip that had not been updated for a long time. I often pondered whether this ATI chip was the culprit.

    Oh, that was three. Just my three cents, that is. Hope you will get some useful ideas here or from other users!
    Dr. Georg S. Adamsen, Denmark
    Specialist in Academic Writing and Biblical Studies

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have 1 Gig of Ram and a 2 Gig Core 2 Duo processor. I also run a really light machine, so nothing major running in the background. I also keep it up to date, so the video drivers are all up to speed. But it may still be one of those issues. I do have an ATI Radeon so it may be a conflict.

    Thanks for throwing some stuff out. I really appreciate it!

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    Default Anyone have any ideas?

    Just topping this to see if anyone has any ideas?


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