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Thread: BW 8 and Wine

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    Default BW 8 and Wine

    Has anyone installed BW 8 on Linux / Wine? I'm wondering if anything has changed with the new version: does the button bar appear, can BW update itself on the internet, does the editor work? I've been running BW 7 using VirtualBox, but its quicker to launch it as a Wine app. Thanks for any insite you can pass my way.

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    Default Answering my own question

    To answer my own question....BW8 has some improvements running under Wine. The automatic updating works great....the button bar is still not visible. The "killer" problem is that the editor area where you would normally edit text is grayed out. The editor button bar is visible. I'm wondering if I'm missing something that needs to be installed to use the editor.

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    Default Old Problem

    I took a few minutes with google to work on turns out that the problem with the editor from v. 7 is well documented. The editor works fine under Wine in v. 6, but the new editor in v. 7 seems to be a problem. One person seemed to hint that it worked under Crossover, but I've tried crossover and still no joy. My best guess is that the editor in 7 and 8 use a ms component to edit. Wine (or at least Wine under Crossover) would be great if I could figure out just what component I need. I'm open for suggestions.


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    Default a dumb wine question...

    How do I uninstall BW7 so I can install BW8?

    I'm currently running BW8 in Virtualbox since I have to open vb for my Logos program anyway (Oh man, I wish *that* would run in wine!)


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    I was monitoring this thread because I am considering BW 8. I find it interesting the things that differ in your BW7 and mine. I am running Wine 1.1.1 configured to Windows XP.
    Updater works fine
    Editor works fine
    Unicode export of Greek and Hebrew works fine (This is why I set up wine. I have Win 2000 running in Virtual Box and the Hebrew Unicode export is not supported in Win 2000)
    Diagram module works
    Leedy's diagrams work and can be closed

    Things not working:
    Button bar
    Some or most resources will open and can be browsed, but crash BW when closed.

    If you have not already, you might look here for more information (17,000+ views!).
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    Default What's Different

    I'd love to know what the difference is between your configuration and mine with respect to the editor. I run BW in VirtualBox most of the time because I've never managed to get the editor working. I'm running Crossover Pro 7.0 on Wine 1.0. Did you add any dlls in the bottle?

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    I has been awhile since I set this up. I have it working on my office desktop and my laptop. I am not a techie, but I will try to answer any specific questions. When I run winecfg in Konsole it does not show that I did anything special for BW. I did have to set up a special application setting for e-sword and add 3 libraries. It does seem like there was a time when my editor didn't work. maybe an upgrade to Wine 1.1.1 (which is what I am running) or better would help.
    "I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation"--R. E. Lee
    "It is not our task to secure the triumph of truth, but merely to fight on its behalf."--Blaise Pascal

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    Default Still no joy

    I've updated my Wine to 1.1.13 and still no joy. I've got other issues as well as the editor not working. If I open an HTML module (like the Talmud), I get script errors and the program locks up when I try to exit the window. Even though I've installed Flash 9 into the bottle, I get an flash update request every time I start BW. I'm not sure setting are saved between sessions, though because of the HTML problems closing a session without crashing is rare at the moment. Lots to work through before BW is really useful under Wine.

    For now, I'll continue to run most of the time in VirtualBox where everything works well except Unicode export.

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    There is a thread on this already.

    Also, I have a guide for running BW in Linux:

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