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Thread: Application failed to initialize -- and how I fixed it

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    Cool Application failed to initialize -- and how I fixed it

    Maybe I'm the first person to have this problem, but after installing BW8, the program just wouldn't start -- giving me an error message instead: "The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000005)." Click on "Ok" was the only option and would shut down the program. Reinstalling did not solve the problem.

    Since it's Saturday and I didn't want until Monday to contact customer service, I fired up Dependency Walker and found the error right away. The unzip32.dll in the BW program directory seemed to be corrupted.

    Since unzip32.dll is a generic library (InfoZIP's unzip for Windows) and not something specific to BibleWorks, a quick file search on my hard disk brought up a couple of other programs using the same dll file. Replacing the existing (corrupted) file with one from another program worked and solved my problem right away.

    For anyone running into the same problem, I'll try to attach a zip with a working unzip32.dll to this post.
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    Thanks. I will keep this one in mind in case a problem like this occurs. I would do a complete virus scan with a good package at this point in case your "corrupted" file is infected.
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