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    Exclamation Logos support

    I have received an email from Dan Foster, of Logos, about comments I made about poor support from Logos, and feel I must update what I previously said.

    About a year ago, I was having problems with the IVP Essential Reference Collection, which kept hanging on initialisation. I could solve the problem by rebooting, but you can imagine how tiresome this was!

    I tried to install the new Libronix engine, and got the first file OK, but the second one would not download or install.

    I read through all the install problems pages, and tried all the fixes I could find appropriate to my problem, but nothing worked.

    I wrote 2 emails to Logos and got no reply.

    About a month ago, I tried all of this again, and emailed Logos again, after no luck with the suggested fixes on their website.

    This time, I got a prompt response, but the only suggestions were the ones I had already tried which did not work.

    This time, I managed to find a page that was buried under one of the suggested fixes and the fix worked: all I had to do was delete a file the program had installed, which may have become corrupted, and the download and install proceeded.

    I am pleased to say that the new Libronix engine is very good! I love being able to use my scrolling mouse, and the interface is much better and searching is a breeze.

    The program takes much longer to start up than BibleWorks, but it is a terrific program. It is much easier to get around the databases in the IVP Essential Reference Collection than before. The improved interface has really opened up the collection for me.

    But the installation problems do make you wonder about how the program has been written. BibleWorks problems seem to be minor compared to all the potential roadblocks with Logos.

    David McKay

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    Default ?


    The only thing I could find where you mentione Logos support in a post was:

    Was he offended by this? I hope not
    Joe Fleener
    Home Page:

    Annotated Bibliography of Online Research Tools:

    User Created BibleWorks Modules:

    Psalm 46:11
    `#r<a'(B' ~Wra' ~yIAGB; ~Wra' ~yhi_l{a/ ykinOa'-yKi W[d>W WPr>h;

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    Smile Offended?

    Dan didn't come across as offended, but concerned for the reputation of Logos, and concerned to be of service.

    I think those are good qualities in a company representative.

    Joe, "senior" now!

    I dips me lid!

    David McKay

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    Question Speaking of Logos

    I have a problem with that program as well. I have the desktop set to restore where I left off from the last session, but the program no longer shows the query results window and insists on doing the query again.

    For example if I do a passage search for John 3:16, it will give me the results after a long time. Fine. But the next time I enter the program I have to do the search all over again. It used to be that the program would keep the search results in the workspace.

    Howard Flynn

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