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Thread: Cross Reference & Word Analysis Window

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    Default Cross Reference & Word Analysis Window

    If I have verse notes (text footnotes) in the Word Analysis Window for an English version and click on one of the cross references to the right under the note letters (say Dan 11:11 in the example) - it might look like:

    Dan 8:7
    Dan 11:11

    the Word analysis window will show the verse but in multi-version mode instead of browse mode irrespective of what my Browse window is set to. Is there a way to change this?

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    Default Version 7?

    Is this in 7 or 8? I never tried in 7 but in 8 pop up window versions are editable. I believe that the display of verses in version notes is handled by the pop up routines. Some one else may know more than I, but I didn't see any other response yet.

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