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    Smile GSE Question

    Hello All,

    Since I purchased BW8 upgrade, I decided to focus more of my studies on using BibleWorks. Though I greatly use another Bible program (I won't mention Libronix here), I have always found my BW7 to be much faster.

    I am attempting to use the Graphical Search Engine, and I need to look for every occurance of the word "know"/ "to know" in the NT, that is NOT GNWSKW/ GNWSK*.

    Can anyone suggest how to do this with GSE?


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    See attached. (That's easier than listing directions.)
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    Default Some qualifications...

    Ben has given the best and fastest way to accomplish the task you describe, but note all the qualifications that need to be stated:

    • Which English translation? Results will be different depending on what you choose.
    • Did you just want "know"? What about: knows, known, knew, knowing, etc.? (Ben's query did set up for know*, and you could adjust the search to include "knew." Use "kn?w*" and you will get an additional hits.)
    • Using Ben's search query, you are actually searching for VERSES where "know" appears and ginwskw does not. (You are not finding the WORDS where "know" is not translating ginwskw.) You will have to go through the results to confirm that you

    There is two other ways to do your search that perhaps gives a bit more control.

    A) Using Verse List Manager

    1. Run a search for .kn?w*
    2. Open verse list manager and import the entire search results list
    3. Run a search for ginwskw lemma
    4. Import this entire search results list into the secondary window
    5. In the Verse List Manager, use Edit > Remap to get both sets of verses in the same version
    6. Use Selection > Verses not common to both lists to get the hits you are seeking
    7. You will still have to confirm that these are word hits and not just verse hits

    B) Using Strong's
    ginwskw in Strong's is 1097. The KJV and NAU are coded with Strong's.

    1. Search KJV or NAU for kn?w*
    2. In the browse window, you will see the hits, and if you have toggled on the Strong's number, it will be much faster to see where the hit is rendering 1097.

    (As a converse to your query, if you check Strong's entry 1097 you will see all the ways that the NAU translates ginwskw.)

    Finally, you will get more accurate (but still not perfect) results by using one of the Reverse Interlinears (only NRSV and ESV are available) in Logos. [Search for kn?w* and then use the "Search Analysis by Strong's" option.] It will take some time...

    Accordance8 actually has a very fast way of doing this kind of search using KJV or NAS95 or NIV (with G/K).
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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