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Thread: When You Get Yours!

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    Smile When You Get Yours!

    I know that shipping just started on the 5th (yesterday), but when you get your copy of BW8 please let the rest of us know so that we might have increased hope.

    Harold Miller, Jr., Pastor
    New Hope Baptist Church
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    I haven't got it yet but I just got an email in my inbox telling me it's been shipped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcblack View Post
    I haven't got it yet but I just got an email in my inbox telling me it's been shipped!
    Same here.

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    I didn't.

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    Default Not yet

    I haven't gotten a notice yet either.

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    Default nope!

    Ordered mine Dec.15th for a class that's now almost half over. It hasn't shipped yet, but will let you know when it does. On that day there will be much rejoicing for my classmates and I!

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    I ordered mine on 11/20. I have not received the coveted e-mail yet. Paul

  8. Red face patience is a virtue...not easily learned....

    I have seen that some other BW users have gotten e-mail notifications that their copies of BW8 have shipped. I have not.

    Having ordered mine midday on Nov. 19th (2 days before the official announcement date), I have been hoping that I'd be among those first shipped.

    How do I find out from the BibleWorks folk a) when my BW8 has been/will be shipped, and 2) what its tracking number is?

    (By the way, the BW8 homepage references "expedited shipping." Had I seen that as an option, I might have chosen it.)

    I ordered BW8 as an upgrade (as a DVD, my 6th BW) the day before the last writer, and I still have not a) gotten the product, b) received an e-mail shipping notice, and/or c) a reply to my question above.

    I think that I can assume that the Lord is using this circumstance (an undesirable wait) to deal with my pride, greed, and impatience. - It is uncomfortable to have the dross (my sins) burned off of the silver (though it may be presumptuous to think of myself as the silver!).
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    Got my DVD copy today (Jan 7). I got a ship notice email a few days ago, and another email on the same day with updated unlock codes for all my modules.

    The install was a breeze (Vista 64). The installer allows you to enter unlock codes for all your modules upfront, so that everything's ready to go on install. Awesome!

    So far, so good... but I haven't been able to explore too much yet.
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    Steve Watkins
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    Smile Tracking Bibleworks.

    If you sign into your "my account" on Bibleworks, (not the forums, but the actual Bibleworks page where you placed your order) you can look at your order and see whether or not it has shipped. My copy has not shipped as of yet, I ordered mine a little late (mid dec.), but I hear when it does depending on how you had it shipped, they give you a tracking number on the same page.
    Chris Sansom
    M. Div. Concordia Seminary

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