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Thread: Ship date?

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    I just got my notification and a tracking number is there. I'm going to sit here and hit F5 a few million times....

  2. Default when is mine coming?

    I have seen that some other BW users have gotten e-mail notifications that their copies of BW8 have shipped. I have not.

    Having ordered mine midday on Nov. 19th (2 days before the official announcement date), I have been hoping that I'd be among those first shipped.

    How do I find out from the BibleWorks folk a) when my BW8 has been/will be shipped, and 2) what its tracking number is?

    (By the way, the BW8 homepage references "expedited shipping." Had I seen that as an option, I might have chosen it.)
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    Likewise, I did not see the "expedited shipping" option when I checked out either. I ordered mine on Dec. 15th, so I think it will be a while for me. Just the more surprised and excited I will be when I finally receive it in the mail.

    Correction, I ordered on Dec.6th, and looking back there is a drop-down menu option to choose different shipping methods. I suppose I was just in too much of a hurry to recognize it.

    I'll know for next time I suppose.
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