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Thread: Nbv

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdarlack View Post
    What is the copyright status of this version? If the publishers have given permission to post it, or if it is out of copyright, then we can host the file on the BibleWorks blog.
    Based on evidence elsewhere, it looks like it's a copyright protected text.
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    Hello people,

    I was also looking for the nbv.txt file. The links in this thread doens't work anymore. Does anyone know where to find this file?

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    Since, Based on evidence elsewhere, it looks like it's a copyright protected text, this it is illegal for us to copy and distribute the nbv without the express permission of the copyright holder. That would probably include a payment. For this reason this text is not available on the links previously mentioned in this thread.
    If enough people want this text, you may suggest to BibleWorks that they acquire the rights to include it in the program. But that will depend on their ability to come to an agreement with the copyright holder.
    Mark Eddy

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