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Thread: It's Hammertime!!

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    Talking It's Hammertime!!

    Can't touch this!

    Sorry- couldn't help myself. Perhaps someone can explain exactly what is going on here.


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    Well....uh.... I'm not quite sure, but it looks pretty dangerous (remember...these are not try this at home). What country do you think that is in?

    I might have to do some Google searching

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    By the time I finally figured out what it was a video of, I already guessed how it would end, and yet I still chose to watch it... Not a good sign.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    ... and yet I still chose to watch it...
    Yes. And our dude clearly won! Gotta be worth sumthin' for the 1:45 of our time (invested 10 times by me so far).

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    Default Let me just be the first to say...

    ..."What th--?!!"

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    Holy.... What was that! Looks like even he didn't expect it to be THAT big.

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    Default Carnaval en San Juan de la Vega

    This is in Mexico at the Carnival in the city of San Juan de la Vega. They also have other ~interesting~ things that they do, like this:

    Seeing what other cultures do is a real eye-opener at times.

    I work with a guy that knows about the things that this area does in celebration and he told me there is a lake in the area that someone drowns in almost every year during the festivities, and if nobody drowns in a particular year, they consider it a bummer time.

    Go figure...

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    I want to go to a party with exploding hammers and guns, if one lives through the festivities, and doesn't have an anxiety attack, it might be a good time.
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