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    Red face Romanian Bible

    I noticed there is a cornilescu and a revised cornilescu version, yet there is no Romanian Orthodox Majority text, which would be useful for the other 87% of the population. I don't get the tutorials to make a version out of the files I have, but I can offer the bible in html, chm and doc format, and I think I can provide it in txt
    If someone is willing to do it, My prayers would go with him/her.

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    If the Romanian Orthodox version of the Bible is no longer under copyright protection, and if you have a .txt file of it, then I would be happy to get into into shape for a BibleWorks user database.
    You may attach the .txt file to an e-mail to me:
    In Christ,
    Mark Eddy

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    I'll look into the copyright issue just to be sure and come back to you. As far as I know, It should be no problem

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