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    Default Javascripts for Logos guides

    Attached are two JavaScripts that will open the Exegetical and Passage guides. I know some are OK referencing a linked workspace, but I prefer to open straight to the guides. Drop these in a folder and reference them in the external link manager and they should work.

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    Default And..once again I forgot to add them :-)

    Sorry, forgot to attach them again. I had to zip them since I can't upload .js files. Just unzip them to a folder (I created a BW Links folder in my Libronix DLS folder) reference them from the link manager, and they should work.
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    the File To Open section should read something like
    C:\Users\spitzerpl\Documents\Libronix DLS\BW Links\ExegeticalGuide.js
    This will be the location of where you unzip the .js files. Passage guide would be the same settings except point it to PassageGuide.js

    I've also created scripts for All Versions and Compare Pericopes. If you have standard versions you like to compare I can walk you through the steps of setting up a Compare Versions script as well.

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    Default Extra Logos Guides

    I've created a couple more scripts.

    The ESV Interlinear determines whether the passage you are looking for is Old or New Testament and looks up the appropriate resource. Thus it can be set up to work on any reference ( Old or new testament) and only one External link is needed.

    Compare Parallel Versions and Parallel Passages looks up the perspective guide to the last set of versions you referenced. Compare Parallel versions has all sensitivities set to "yes." If you want to compare these you will have to manually go into the script and select the options you want. Its not very difficult. Right click on the script select open with notepad, scroll to the very bottom and where it says "no" in the last line change it to "yes".

    All versions is just that. It will look up the verse in all versions.

    Compare Pericopes is just that.

    All of these can be set up in the ELM using the same settings listed previously, except point the FILE TO OPEN to the desired script.
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    Default Thanks!

    There are very helpful. Thanks for posting them!

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    Default Another way...

    Thanks for the javascripts!
    There is another way of doing these kind of links. (I describe it HERE.)
    The basic idea is that I pass through a book/chapter/verse from BW to Logos and have it open that text in some version in Logos.
    Then, I have that version 'chained' to any number of other windows: to the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, to the SESB NA27, etc. So, pasquale, you could set up a Logos workspace with all the resources you mention, chain them together, and all would open to the correct book/chapter/verse.
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