Hello Everyone,
I've been using Bibleworks for a little over a year and a half now (maybe closer to two years) for my seminary studies as well as my work as a pastor. I have to say that I really really enjoy Bibleworks and talk it up every time I get a chance. Anyway, I was wondering what some you think regarding the print editions of BDAG and HALOT vs. the digital editions? (I searched for another thread on this topic but was unsuccessful, but if I am repeating the question that was already answered feel free to point me in that direction). I enjoy getting into the Word of God through studying the original languages and would like some more "meat and potatoes" by using both BDAG and HALOT, but I don't know if I should lean more toward the print versions or digital versions (they seem similar in price, though BW offers the discount for purchasing both at the same time digitally). I currently have the print edition of CHALOT which I have used quite frequently. Thanks for any pointers (and listening to me ramble)

Grace and Peace