As for fonts, I still recommend the Cardo font to my students. It's free, and it has a very complete set of characters of Greek and Hebrew, so you only need to use it alone if you want. (It's also fairly attractive, but characters are a bit wide, and some of the strokes are a bit thin. Still, it is quite functional for both onscreen and in print.) I have seen the SBL Greek beta (preview here), and it is quite nice. Once released, the plan is to also release a SBL Biblical which combines both the Greek and Hebrew.

As for typing polytonic Greek, I liked the Logos Greek keyboard (cf here), but it turns out to not work well at all in Office2007, because it renders so many combined characters rather than pre-composed ones. The best solution I can find (and one that works correctly in the BW editor/notes) is to use Keyman from Tavultesoft and one of the polytonic Greek keyboards. (Keyman costs $19 for the 2 keyboard version.)