I use both Bibleworks and Logos, having been a Bibleworks user since v4 and the two together serve me very well. And I do all of my studies using Unicode and Microsoft Word.

Bibleworks ability to export text using Unicode has worked well, but simply selecting some Hebrew or Greek text and hitting Ctrl+C pastes ASCII characters to the clipboard and not Unicode text.

Also, I find the latest SBL Hebrew and Galatia fonts exceptionally clear and well hinted - almost beautiful - and this makes reading on-screen (using Logos very pleasant).

I see from the latest features that BW 8 has increased Unicode support, hence the two questions below:

  1. Will selecting text and pressing Ctrl+C put ASCII or Unicode text onto the clipboard?
  2. Can SBL Hebrew and Galatia (or other Unicode Hebrew & Greek fonts) be used to display text in the results window, etc?

If not, what is the chance that Bibleworks 8 might provide these 2 features?