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Thread: Mismatched Lemma Results

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    Default Mismatched Lemma Results

    When I search for the occurrences (r-click, Lemma) of חֲצִי (Dan*9:27*WTT) in Dan 9:27, the Result Windows jumps to a listing of הַמָּשִׁיחַ (Lev*4:3*WTT) occurrences. Does that happen to anyone else?
    In fact, the r-click doesn't even offer me a search on חֲצִ.


    P.S. Restarting does not fix it. However, Lemma-izing another verb (no pun), then going back to חֲצִי and searching for its Lemma works.
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    Default Works fine for me

    It works ok on my machine. i do know there are times that everything will be skewed by one word, so that the right click would bring up hashavua instead of chatzi. I just need to shut down and restart to get everything realigned.
    Does the behavior persist after restarting the program?

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