The Major BFBS Edition of the Hebrew Bible, also known as C.D. Ginsburg's Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible, is very hard to come across. I've made TIF scans of the Pentateuch available online. These scans were made almost a decade ago from my printed set (which was destroyed during the process). This particular set was printed in 1926 in Germany by the British & Foreign Bible Society. Here is a link:


The .zip file is a bit over 30 megabytes but will grow to a bit over 180 megabytes in size. In the zip archive I have placed 6 folders, as the scanning process for this book was broken into 6 parts years ago. The file names in each of these sets are broken into "even" and "odd" because they were being printed on a non-duplexing laser printer. After you download the zip archive, you can rename them whatever your heart desires.

I have the complete set of 4 volumes here for this work. I'd *LOVE* to see this as a built-in Hebrew Bible study source in BibleWorks at some juncture. No other Bible software would have it. Perhaps translating Ginsburg's copious notes into English would be the icing on the cake.

At any rate, please enjoy this work. It is far out of copyright and years ago I contacted the British and Foreign Bible Society to make sure of it but have had it milling about for eons.

There is also a "lesser" version of this work available that was printed in the first decade of the 1900s. This one is the one that Geden and Kilgour wrote their Intro for and also the one that Ginsburg himself wrote his own large introduction for. I have those here as well.