BibleWorks 8 has launched!
New tools and essential references offer unequaled exegetical capabilities for enriched research of the Biblical text.
BibleWorks has launched version 8 with a tremendous array of innovative tools, essential resources and interactive capabilities! Now users can have more Bible translations (190+), 35 original language texts and morphology databases, 29 lexical-grammatical references, plus a wealth of practical reference works, giving them tightly integrated databases with powerful morphology and analysis tools. (Click here for a full list of its contents.)

Busy pastors

See how quickly key resources and significant information are displayed in BibleWorks 8, giving you greater depth and keener insight during sermon preparation. The new Phrase Matching Tool finds all verses containing phrases similar to the ones contained in your search verse. Plus, the new Related Verses Tool finds verses containing combinations of key words appearing in your search verse, helping you find subtle textual connections anywhere in Scripture. Also, the new Cross-Reference Tab displays several new cross-reference databases synchronized to the text you are studying. (Click here for a full list of its contents.)

Seminary professors and students

We’ve added three standard grammars in the BibleWorks 8 base package -- Daniel B. Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament; Waltke and O'Connor’s Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax; and Joüon-Muraoka’s Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (2006 revised edition). Each one is a tremendous supplement to classroom instruction! Here are the most notable new resources (there are more than 20) also included in BibleWorks 8:
  • Craig Evans’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (English, Greek and morphologically-tagged text)
  • Charles’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (English)
  • Early Church Fathers (Philip Schaff, ed.)
  • Rodkinson’s New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud
  • Syntactic and Thematic Greek Transcription of the New Testament, by William Graham MacDonald
  • Stephan’s The Biographical Bible (distinguishes Bible people with the same names)
Additionally, research and study will be enriched by the way BibleWorks 8 shows the most common words in the pericope, book, or chapter, plus lists all the words found in any search. The search statistics window has also been updated, highlighting statistics for the OT, NT, and Apocrypha as different colors. A wider range of formatting options and faster access to copying preferences will please everyone. (Click here for a full list of its contents.)


Exegetical research is easier with the External Resources Manager (ERMIE) -- a handy tool to collect, organize, and display resource files both from your computer and from the Internet. You can share ERMIE catalog files with other BibleWorks users.
BibleWorks 8 also offers (as add-on modules for additional cost) The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible (English), by Abegg-Flint-Ulrich; and The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation, by Wise-Abegg-Cook. German users will appreciate having the PONS Kompaktwörterbuch Althebräisch: Althebräisch-Deutsch, by Matheus, available as well.
Of the 30+ new Bible translations, BibleWorks 8 includes the popular TNIV, the New King James with Strong’s tagging, plus Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Thai Bibles. (Click here for a full list of its contents.)

How to Order

BibleWorks 8 will retail at $349 plus shipping and handling. Discounted upgrades are available from BibleWorks 7 and BibleWorks 6. For purchasing or upgrading information, visit or contact the us at

Just Obtained BibleWorks 7?

Customers who have obtained BibleWorks 7 from us in the 30 days preceding this BibleWorks 8 announcement may order, on or before December 24, an upgrade to BibleWorks 8 for the cost of media, standard shipping, and handling, a total of $20 for U.S. customers, US$40 for others. To make this order, visit our secure Internet Store or send payment and shipping information, together with your BibleWorks 7 serial number, to BibleWorks (
Customers having obtained BibleWorks 7 from us more than 30 days before this announcement but believe they have unusual circumstances justifying an upgrade at less than the Internet Store upgrade price must send a written appeal to BibleWorks Customer Support. Telephonic submission of such appeals will not be considered: we need our support staff available to deal with other customer issues.
Those who have obtained BibleWorks 7 from a BibleWorks dealer at whatever time must, as is customary, abide by that dealer's BibleWorks return policy.

Just Obtained Windows Vista?

Before installing BibleWorks 7 and previous versions onto a Vista computer, please consult the BibleWorks web site for a installation process patch that most previous versions will need before BibleWorks is run the first time.

Thank you!
The BibleWorks Team