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Thread: BW to Javascript to Libronix

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    Default BW to Javascript to Libronix

    My ultimate goal is to open a Libronix Passage guide without setting up a workspace but rather directly opening the passage guide. I've accomplished this using excel VBA that works fairly well, but it opens excel which I would like to avoid if I can.

    The course I think I need to go to is having the ELM reference a .js file and have javascript translate it into the code Libronix reads (e.g. "genesis"=1) and then open the url (e.g. libronixdls:report|name=ReportPassageGuide|passage =bible.1.1.1) I have vurtually no experience with javascript. I tried but kept getting an error. Does anyone know what I need to do to get my script to open libronix?

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    Default Possible connections

    Here are some dated attemps to open the Libronix Passage Guide. They don't work on my system-maybe some syntax was wrong and can now be corrected:

    This was the way I've used--sending a passage to a Libronix Bible that is chain linked to a passage guide, which then updates:

    For a java script example, see the end of this post. (I posted a summary at that time. The javascript portion was not mine. I copied that portion from somebody else, but don't know where. And I haven't programmed in javascript.)
    [Edit: this script example was copied from a automation group posting 2/8/2006]

    I hope you can use this to build on.
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    Default Another JavaScript example

    Here's another Javascript example previously posted:

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