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    Default Setting Search Limits - "Q" texts

    Goal: Create a search limit that is composed of the presumed texts defined as the "Q" text (ie, material that is common to Matthew and Luke that does not appear in Mark)

    Partial Solution: I used the list of Q texts that is available in the q-miller.sdf file (a file available as a Synopsis Tool collection) which uses Robert Miller's list of Q texts. I was able to pull out all the Matthew and Luke texts.
    In your BW7 init directory, open the limlist.udb file using Notepad.
    Download/open the attached TXT file.
    Copy the text in this file and Paste it to the end of the limlist.udb file. Save/close.
    Now when you select search limits (eg, "l qluke" or "l qmatthew" or choose from dialog box), you will be able to search on those texts.

    1) When conducting searches, you will note that this lengthy list of verses will take a bit longer than one is used to in BW7.
    2) I tried to combine the Matthew and Luke texts into a single QTexts limit, but it caused BW7 to crash every time.

    >> Are there restrictions on the extent of search limit definitions?
    >> Is there a better way to search such a long list? I was thinking of creating a Verse list file (VLS), but that's more work than I want to do right now without knowing that it will work. (The VLS file requires an entry for every single verse. Verse ranges cannot be used.)
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