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Thread: Browse Window Glitch

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    Default Browse Window Glitch

    Sometimes when I am in the browse window the program (BW7) redirects the text to another reference. For example, I have Matthew 21:33 in the window, I click the "next verse" button and get a verse in Genesis. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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    We need more information in order to answer your question. For example, do you have more than one BW window open? If I have a secondary browse window open and forget to click the cursor on the primary window again before I click on the arrows to advance the verse, BW assumes that I was in the verse in the secondary window, and so it changes the main browse window to the verse next to the secondary window. The same problem can occur with the synopsis window. If you click on a biblical text in the browse window before advancing the verse, and this is still a problem, then you will need to try to write down the exact key strokes you used to create the problem, or else the programmers won't be able to fix what might be a bug.
    Mark Eddy

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    I'll pay close attention the next time it happens.

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    Default More details

    OK, here's what happened:

    I have a window open that displays both NRS and BGT in NT and NRS, BGT, and WTT in OT. I had gotten to Matthew 22:16 by entering Matthew 22:15 in the command line. I then advanced to Matthew 22:16. I right-clicked on one word in the Greek text of Matthew 22:16 and selected "Search on Lemma." That brought up three verses. I went through each verse in turn, returning to Matthew 22:16. I now see that displayed above the Results Window, left to right, is BGM--Genesis--27--15, and when I mouse over words in the Results Window, the display reacts as though Gen 27:15 is displayed, not Ma 22:16.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Still more data

    OK, just now I switched from BW7 to another program (BW7) still being on and found that, as before, the Results Window shows the passage I'm working on while the navigation bar shows NRS--Genesis--27--15.

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    Default And more

    I should add that when I click the arrow to advance to the next verse, it advances to Genesis 27:16 rather than the Matthew text that is showing.

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