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Thread: Macro to replace referances with the full verse

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    Default Macro to replace referances with the full verse

    Hi, does anyone know of a way or a macro that goes through a word doc and replace bible references (Jn 3:16) with the full text of the verse?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I suppose you could create such a macro if when you enter the reference you enclose it within special tags, perhaps something like <BW Mat 1:1>, then use the search & replace features to find the <BW tag. Then you would need to follow the instructions in the Online Help manual, chapter 46 on OLE and DDE to copy the Scripture reference to a variable and use the appropriate BW commands to copy the text.

    (I expect that you would use SetVersions first to change the versions displaying in BW, then either GoToVerse or ClipGoToVerse would be the ones you would use to copy the text. Then you would paste the text into Word, and then search to find the next reference.)

    Maybe someone else here that knows OLE or DDE would be able to help.

    Hope that helps.
    Glenn Weaver

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