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    Some friends of mine put together what is essentially a KJV Study Bible, and their publisher bailed on them. They've been distributing the text for free.

    I'd like to convert it to a KJV version with notes (preferred) or perhaps a html module. Currently, it's in Word form, with an Introduction to each book, followed by the KJV text with lots of footnotes.

    My problem is that I like the skills to convert it. I know a little Perl, a little Applescript, etc.

    (Also, the Greek and Hebrew footnotes are using the GRaecaII and HebraicaII fonts. That can be worked around. See here for the Greek. there's not much Hebrew, and it's transliterated as well as written out. )

    I'm fairly certain my friends wouldn't mind having this be freely available to BW users.

    Anyone have the technical chops to help out?
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    Hi Ben, can you send me the files? I'll take a gander. jdarlack/at/gcts/dot/edu
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    You can download a zip file from

    Given a choice, I'd prefer to lose the introductory material to each book and end material and make it a translation with footnotes. However, I'll gratefully take (and contribute however possible) to whatever others are willing and capable of doing.

    And, minor caveat, while most of these are simply text-critical or translational notes, some are LDS-oriented.

    and many thanks for even taking a look at it!

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