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Thread: Verse proximity in the GSE

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    Default Verse proximity in the GSE

    Is there anyway to use verse proximity in the GSE? When I do the following search (imported into GSE from the command line): ('eij o *@vn*).;3('wste *@vn*), I get the following message.

    Can't run query
    Verse proximity (in the merge boxes) can't be
    used in a query using ordering or agreement.
    To mix ordering and agreement with proximity conditions
    Use WORD proximity (specified in ordering boxes) instead.

    You may need to split your query into sub-queries.
    The GSE tutorials give an example of this.

    I can run this search from the command line, but I have other searches I would like to do which I can't run from the command line (or at least don't think I can).

    Any ideas?

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    Hi mbixby,

    The message box gives the answer: "You may need to split your query into subqueries."

    The attached query file has the upper merge box set to 3 verses. The lower two merge boxes are set to be subqueries. I typed your search on the command line, then opened the GSE. Then I checked the "Make subquery" option in the two lower merge boxes.

    There is a requirement to turn off the hit highlighting. When you run the search, a message box alerts you to that and offs to turn off the hit highlighting.

    Hope this helps.
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    Aha, that's the key. Thanks.


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