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Thread: waw consecutive perfect or waw conjunctive perfect

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    Default waw consecutive perfect or waw conjunctive perfect

    What are the criteria for BW for determining if a perfect with a waw is a waw consecutive or waw conjunctive?

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    BibleWorks does not make decsions concerning whether a waw is consecutive or conjunctive. That is done as part of the Groves-Wheeler Westminster Theological Seminary Hebrew Morphology database (WTM). If you have any questions about their choice between the two, you might want to contact them.
    For a discussion on the philosophy behind the WTM morphology see A Reference Guide to the Westminster Hebrew Morphology Database in BibleWorks online Help.
    Mark Eddy

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    I've wondered that myself at times. Possibly, they may be noticing the difference in accents, but I haven't checked the consistency of this.

    In any case, these days Hebraists have now tended to move away from positing a two-conjunction-waw theory. Revell has shown that the accents cannot be used to posit two "perfects".


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