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It means the Holy Spirit. I have the testimony of the Holy Spirit on this matter. That's what I mean by spiritual source.
So this just means that you've set yourself up in such a position that you can't be challenged, for in disagreeing with you I'm in effect disagreeing with God! So sin does not play a part in your life such that you may be wrong on something, or that dialogue is need to weigh truth from error? So I see the link: the Holy Spirit has told you what the name is, so you don't need to deal with any conflicting evidence that I've continued to raise? I'm challenging the unchallengable because you've unfortunately set yourself up as a prophet on the matter.

Everyone who is actually indwelt by the Holy Spirit knows that God has preserved his written Word in the Received Text, and that the Received Text is the very Text that Jesus used, that Paul used, that Peter used, that the Reformers used, and so on.
Thus, if a person who has even a rather basic knowledge of this issue actually rejects the Received Text, you may be INFALLIBLY certain that such a man is not born again.
That is simply not true. Every Christian will have areas of inconsistency and sin in their life until the resurrection of the dead. But their salvation does not depend on their own efforts or their view on the Received Text, but by their faith in Jesus' death and resurrection for them (Rom 3:21-26; 4:24-25).

I strongly encourage you once again to read the two articles I directed you to earlier. Here they are again --
Sure I read them and I find them to be exceedingly unhelpful. I wish you would withdraw them, in fact, because they're potentially disasterous for some people to read. It is not whether someone can recount some over-the-top subjective conversion experience which testifies whether they are a Christian or not, but whether they are currently trusting Jesus' death and resurrection for them. You seem to have made your own conversion experience to be normative for every other Christian. However, I prefer personally to trust in Jesus' death and resurrection for me for the source of my salvation, not in the "type" of my conversion experience. For how much does one have to "feel" before it is to be evaluated by you as a "true" conversion? Indeed, such a view would rule out young children and the mentally ill from salvation, for they are not able to recount such an experience. In my own experience, very few people can witness to the exact moment which you expect; but this does not make them more or less a Christian since their status before God rests not in themselves but in the work of God in Jesus' death and resurrection which they put their trust and confidence in.