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    First, the evidence is absolutely clear cut, as there is not a SHRED of doubt about how the Masoretes viewed the pronunciation. Only a blind man could miss it.

    And as I stated in my article, I had no intention of being comprehensive with regard to every single detail, and certainly not with regard to your straining at gnats and swallowing a camel, for the fact is, neither you nor anybody else has ever offered a SCINTILLA of data refuting the clear way the Masoretes viewed the correct pronunciation, regardless of what date you assign to the Masoretes.

    Rather, I presented actual EVIDENCE for the traditional and straight-forward pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton, as opposed to the COMPLETE LACK OF EVIDENCE for the absurd humanistic pronunciation of modern manifeslty unregenerate biblical scholars who have demonstrated how utterly ignorant they are of even BASIC facts, such as the ignorant assertion that the Tetragrammaton was never pronounced, ad nauseam.

    Secondly, while you may not consider my statement "helpful", that is utterly beside the point and completely irrevelant, for in like manner the Pharisees didn't consider Jesus' statement's "helpful" either, or Paul's, or anyone else who is GENUINELY indwelt by the Holy Spirit, for, while this is unbeknownst to modern unregenerate Christendom, one absolute trademark of the Holy Spirit is to offend the flesh of men.

    For the fact is, whether you like it or not, that statement is actually a truth that the Holy Spirit HIMSELF bears witness to in ALL whom he indwells -- there are NO excpetions -- and further, no genuinely born again Christian would accept the fallible ASSUMPTIONS of man in altering the written Word of God and the PRESUMPTIONS of modern humanistic biblical scholarship which has shown itself to be ignorant to the core.

    Not ONE genuinely born again Christian would do so. If you have a problem with that, then take it up with Jesus Christ, for the truth is, I have absolutely no fear of having to retract a single, solitary syallable of that article or this post on the day of judgment. I happen to know Jesus Christ that intimately, and I happen to know that the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF will say the AMEN to what I've written.

    Finally, it is my website, and I'll write what I see fit, which is to say, I'll continue to write what the Holy Spirit HIMSELF leads me to write, and I really don't care who considers it to be "helpful" or not.

    My business is to be a faithful witness to Jesus Christ, not a man-pleaser.
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