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Thread: What is the 'parashot' outline?

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    Question What is the 'parashot' outline?

    I've searched the BW literature but can't find any explanation of this outline.

    Does anyone know?
    David Garrison
    Pastor for Emerging Ministries
    Southminster Presbyterian Church
    St. Louis, MO

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    Lightbulb Parashot

    G'day Dogfish
    If you type Parashot into Google, you'll get some help, I think.

    Deos this site explain it for you?

    It was the first one that came up on Google.

    David McKay

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    Hello Dogfish Jones,

    Parashot are the Torah portions read weekly in Synagogues. Each Torah portion (s. "parash" pl. "parashot") has a corresponding section from the Prophets (many of the "historical books" are part of the Prophets in the Hebrew Bible). If the parashot outline is the one I compiled, it is the annual Torah reading cycle (there is a three year cycle also followed by some groups).

    Hope that helps


    Ps- someday I would like to add the triennial cycle; some scholars have also been doing some work demonstrating that certain parts of the NT seem to correspond to the Torah reading cycle. I would like to add these also. But I need to get BW 6 first...

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