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    Greetings to the BW community,

    Did anybody noticed the appearance of "/span bwsymbs" string, presumably after the proper names in OTP (see for instance Jubilees 34:4)? It should be said, that the text itself seems to be in proper state. Should it be some invisible system character or visible text mark?

    Guller Yuri
    MA Student, Bible Studies Dep.
    Hebrew University, Jerusalem

    The less time I have left, the more I appreciate it...
    (No, its neither a quotation nor a claim for 'revelation', nothing more then a simple self-expression).

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    It looks to me like it is in error. You should be able to report it at
    Michael Hanel
    PhD candidate Classics Univ. of Cincinnati
    MDiv Concordia Seminary
    MA Classics Washington University
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