In scouting around this morning, I came across a post by John Parsons, who is a member here. He maintains the Hebrew4Christians web site. Please read and pray.

Urgent Prayer Request. On 7/25/08 I was laid off from my job and I am now out of work.... With a new baby coming, I can't see how we will be able to afford health insurance coverage, at least the Cobra thing (it's over $1200 a month), let alone meet other expenses. My wife is understandably worried though we are both trusting God for the outcome.

This is a time for me to ask you to pray for us in earnest. Frankly, I don't have any options lined up -- and no one is asking me to come work for them. Nonetheless, I am seeking the LORD God of Israelís face and guidance through all of this. Agree with me that He will intervene as Adonai Yireh (יְהוָה יִרְאֶה), ďthe One who sees [our need].Ē

Meanwhile, with Godís help I will continue working on the Hebrew4Christians site while I look for a new job opportunity. Please agree with me in prayer for the Lordís will to be done in our lives. Todah, chaverim.

Finally, I am considering taking the step of working full-time in ministry, perhaps as an itinerant teacher, preacher, assembly leader, or author. To do so, however, requires exceptionally clear direction from the LORD, so I would further ask that I would receive wisdom from heaven regarding this matter.