Hi BTers,

There have been a couple of posts recently about the BW editor. There have been a couple of nagging editor problems that have been around for a while but which have not been fixed because we cannot duplicate them. If you can figure out a way that we can duplicate them, please let me know and we can fix them in short order.

We are aware that the editor has been a weak link in the BibleWorks system for some time. We want you to know that we take this issue seriously and apologize for the frustration that a few people feel. However, I want you to know that relief is in sight. We have completely replaced the editor now with a new editor that has all the capabilities of Wordpad and a lot more. It has full support for Unicode, multilevel undo, left-wrapped Hebrew and a wealth of formatting features. We also have BibleWorks now exporting Unicode Hebrew and Greek. These are major changes and we will need to do a lot of testing to get the kinks out but we will get it to you as soon as we can. I can't give you a date yet but I wanted you to know that some good things are coming.

God bless,
Mike Bushell for the
BibleWorks Programming Staff