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Thread: recent program updates very slow

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    Default recent program updates very slow

    Most all of the recent updates I have tried to install have made the program run much slower. Normally BW is instantaneous in its responsiveness, but with the more recent updates there is a noticeable difference. For example, once I execute a search and click on various verses to read the results in the Browse Window, it can be two to three seconds before the BW refreshes with the verse text. Doesn't sound like much, but when you are used to an immediate response it feels like eons!

    The last update I found that did not cause me this problem was 7.0.019d.1. That is what I am running presently.

    Has anyone experienced this same problem? Any idea what was changed between updates that would cause this problem? Any idea if it is my system or the program which is to blame?

    Thank you for the help!
    Michael H. Burer
    Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
    Dallas Theological Seminary

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    I have run 19i and 19j with no noticeable difference in speed from earlier versions. How long has it been since you rebooted your computer? Sometime a fresh start helps.
    Mark Eddy

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    I reboot daily, occasionally more often than that. I have not seen any correlation between BW running slow and the length of time my computer has been running, while I have seen a correlation between speed and version.
    Michael H. Burer
    Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
    Dallas Theological Seminary

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    Default Slow down


    If this kind of slowdown were widespread we would be inundated with complaints. We have not noticed any slowdown and there have been no changes that I know of that would lead to such a slowdown. There are many things that could cause this. The most obvious is a badly fragmented hard drive. Some viruses can cause behavior like this too. Changes in your antivirus software could also be a culprit.

    Not much else I can think of. Send in your INI and we'll check it out. I did some timing on the current program and the one you mentined with no difference.


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