Heretofore I have been a long time user of both "Logos/Libronix" and "Nota Bene" and have come to terms with the necessary adjustments to articulate between the two rather disparate programs. I now see particular benefit of perhaps adding "Bible Works" to the mix (not least because of the enhancement of Unicode), because I am excited by its apparent facility regarding in-depth dealing with the Biblical literature and languages.

However, some of what I read gives me pause regarding the outlay of what is, for me, a consideable additional investment. Before taking the plunge I need some additional information and would further entertain some advice from others who may have had the same concerns or perhaps still have similar perspective.

These are my more specific questions and concerns:

How difficult is it to arive at articulation between Bible Works and Libronix? Between Bible Works and Nota Bene?

I have several texts and tools for use within the Libronix and Nota Bene environments (lexicons, commentaries, encyclopediae et al.), materials of some considerable expense; so, in order to make full use of Bible Works, would I need to purchase these same tools all over again to be used within Bible Works? or will they articulate into Bible Works essentially seamlessly? or, at least, with minimal adjustments?

Has anyone previously dealt with such a situation as my own? Is there any material I might share or purchase that would help me with the coordination of these three programs? I would prefer not having to re-invent the wheel!

I hope this posting communicates my situation and I look forward eagerly to all responses -- both in the thread and, if anyone would desire to do so, with response by e-mail.

In Christ