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Thread: Textual variant from la - New module

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    Very nice.
    Do you know where he got this material?
    Is it digital somewhere or did he hack this in all by himself?
    Best wishes
    Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
    Textcritical commentary:

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    Default modules

    Pls email me the link for download

    Thanks for your kind help.


    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post
    I have updated the Bibleworks module New Testament manuscripts from

    This updated module consists in two modules in English language:
    1. one module with the variants segmented by type of manuscripts;
    2. the second one with the variants segmented by text type of manuscripts.

    I have not sure that I can announce here the links for download.

    Who desire this two new modules send me a Private Message and I shall send the links for download.


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