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Thread: Searching a verse

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    Default Searching a verse

    Is is possible to list all 3:16 verses of the whole Bible with a single search command?

    3:16 can be any other verse ofcourse....

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    Default Workaround

    You could create a custom limits list that includes only 3:16 refs: gen 3:16; exo 3:16, etc.
    then search for .*
    That would list all the references in the command center. The custom limits list would also let you do any search on those references you would want.

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    Strangely enough .* doesn't work but *? does....

    Altough it works it's to hard to use because I have to change the whole filter if I have to search for another verse.

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    Default Did you save the filter?

    Several items of which you might not be aware:
    1. The command line is saved, so if you entered it on the commandline, you can arrow-up/down to recall it and even copy it.
    2. You can save custom limits lists:
    Search > Set Search Limits ...
    Choose "Limit the search using custom search range"
    Type in a description (make is short and simple for easy recall, like "3.16")
    Enter the list of 3:16 references.
    Click the Add button
    Now that is it saved, you can "call" it from the command line by typing "l 3.16"
    the "l" stands for limits.

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    And likely the saved custom limits is a txt file which you should be able to open and do a find-and-replace on '3:16'.

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