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Thread: Entering hebrew in BW7

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    Default Entering hebrew in BW7

    I have Israeli Hebrew keyboard, and this works fine when searching on the command line.

    However, when I try to search the parallell BHS-LXX I only get "latin" alphabet, in my case swedish characters.

    The same when I try to write notes. It works fine if I change my computers "language" to Hebrew. But when I try to copy "hebrew"-search words from the command line (to get an archive of succesfull searches) it is change to the latin alphabet when I paste what I copied.

    How do I adjust BW to work for me?

    Thanks for help,

    Per-Olof Hermansson

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    The BHS-LXX Parallel Window "command line" is intended only to look up verses, not words. You use this line only when you know which verse you wish to view in parallel Hebrew and Greek.
    Mark Eddy

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