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    Default Macintosh

    Can I use the program with mac leopard OS 10 5.1?
    I want to make a gift to a friend of mine, but.... it will work?

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    Bibleworks will run on an Intel-based Mac that is running Windows through either Bootcamp (which is included with Leopard), Parallels or VMWare Fusion. All three options require a full copy of Windows as well.

    I use Bibleworks through Parallels on a regular basis, and it's practically like it's running within OSX.

    You can do a search on these forums and find several threads talking about the different options for running Bibleworks and Windows on a Macintosh.
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    Default Mac fonts from Bible works

    Can you help me get Mac Bibleworks fonts on my MSWord program on the Macs side of parallels? I downloaded the fonts from Bibleworks. Our IT guy put it in the write folder. When you open the font folder you can see the fonts listed there but when you run Word the fonts are not available. Have you seen this problem before? Any ideas on how to get it to work?

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    Default virtual pc and OS 10.5??

    I was running well and than I upgraded.

    I had BW 7 running with mac 0S 10.3 and virtual PC. Than I upgraded to 10.5 and installed and upgraded "virtual pc." THe next step was to install "windows" it would not capture the disc for "ME" or "xp" and without windows I can not run BW.

    Has anyone encountered and solved this problem? Or is there another option other than virtual pc when you do not have an Intell processor? Any help would be appreciated any solutions would be fantastic.

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