BibleWorks 5 ceased to be our current version in 2003, about five years ago. Because of the costs of supporting such older versions, we'll not be able to offer a discount after July 31 on an upgrade from BibleWorks 5. Upgrades from BibleWorks 5 will still be available after that date, but not at a discount.

We're sending a e-mail message today to notify of this decision those whom our records indicate have BibleWorks 5 but no newer version. This message lets them know while they can still upgrade at a discount to our current, most feature-rich, Vista-compatible, and most-successful-ever version, BibleWorks 7, at the discounted upgrade price of $175. The many new features, texts, lexicons, and other resources of BibleWorks 7 that are new since BibleWorks 5 are listed at our web site.

Ordering this upgrade is easy and can be done in any of the several ways outlined here. Those ordering will need their BibleWorks 5 serial number from the title page of their manuals when they order.