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    Default WTT/WTM - Color file for Textual Notes

    The WTT/WTM comes with a collection of textual notes, where the WHI editors have attached a note to specific words. Currently the words in the Hebrew text which have notes are not highlighted in any way, so you are generally not aware that they are there unless you happen to stumble upon them.

    I have created a simple color file which highlights words in red which have an editor's note. These are attached. If you are interested, install them as described in the BW User Manual. When you see a word in red while looking at WTT/WTM, just hover over the word to display the note in the Word Analysis window. Words in bold are in large letters in BHS, words in italics are small letters, and words underlined are inverted. Go to Lev 11:42 as an example.

    You can find further information about the editor's notes by looking at the WTM Reference Guide, which is a PDF file about the WTM that is included with BW. This guide also has some examples of the notes.

    Although a simple thing to do, this color file makes reading the Hebrew text much more informative.


    Ewan MacLeod
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