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    I see that Logos will publish Alford's Greek NT. It is greatly praised by several as an excellent exegetical aid. Does anyone know if there are chance that BibleWorks will also publish Alford?

    David McKay
    David McKay
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    Start a petition, the squeaky hinge gets the grease. I'm sure others would concur with you ....

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Langley View Post
    I would recommend Calvin, Gill, Lange, Ainsworth, Hengstenberg, Alford, Candlish, James Murphy, Leupold.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    Earlier, I'd asked if Alford were available electronically. I think I remember other BW-lovers also wishing he were. Well now Logos is working on it. I write more about it HERE.
    I believe there is one more thread discussing Alford. I just couldn't find it. 'Course, Dan Phillips did say in the above, "Earlier I'd asked if Alford were available electronically." Seems like I need to refine me search parameters.

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    Read what I wrote about it (and him) HERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    Read what I wrote about it (and him) HERE.
    I do remember reading that. Probably the one I was thinking about and couldn't find in the BW forum search. Nice post BTW!

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    Now this isn't quite the same thing, but I see the PDFs of the books are available via Google, links on this page.
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    Thank you Michael for the link!

    Also available via Google-books:
    - Griesbach
    - Lachmann
    - Buttmann
    - Wordsworth
    Best wishes
    Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
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    I am disappointed with the price Logos are charging for a public domain document.

    I have all 4 volumes of Alford on PDF, downloaded for free, legally from the net.

    I cannot right now justify spending Ģ60 for a Logos version rather use the pdf's.
    Duncan Forbes
    New Life Church, Roehampton, London

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    But, Duncan, in owning a scanned edition of Alford, you don't have Alford fully integrated and searchable. If you don't want to pay for it, that's one thing. But if you've looked at the complex layout of Alford, on the assumption that they're going to do a decent job, production will be costly.

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    Hey there.

    Does anybody know whether you can buy Alfordīs Greek New Testament only - without the commentaries and stuff and in printed form preferably?

    Also Pasquale wrote two years ago:
    I am building 6 greek bible: Griesbach, Lachman, Tregelles, Alford, Wordsworth and Scoltz with "version database compiler".
    How is it going, Pasquale? Is the work for the versions progressing well?

    Thx in advance all.
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    Hi Steffen,
    • Alford's Greek New Testament "version" (OCR scanned images from printed book) is proofreading (Matthew is fully corrected) (still 6 or 8 months to finish proofreading by another BibleWorks user);
    • Lachmann's Greek New Testament "version" (OCR scanned images from printed book), with margin int., is in progress at arrived at Mark 7 (still 6 or 8 months to finish without proofreading);
    • Griesbach, Wordsworth, Scholz and Vogels....... to begin.
    ciao Pasquale
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