Pastor Bill,
Just recently BBW has started working with WORDsearch to put some different books into BBW such as commentaries which in a lot of ways answers some of the questions/concerns of this thread. If you go to the website that talks about BBW on the WORDsearch site you will only see the IVP dictionary series at this point, but you can e-mail them to suggest certain books or commentaries that they could work on next. I would say that I am with you on the conservative commentaries, I do wonder how all these books will be implemented in. I have to go back on my words earlier in the thread, I found that I could get Logos, so just for the ability to have certain Concordia Publishing House books as well as a few others I did get a package. I will say that so far it isn't bad, but the one great flaw is that I almost have too many books in one software it makes it hard to find exactly what I want and am looking for and I would hate to see BBW be overloaded like that, so depending I may purchase more of these commentaries and books from WORDsearch but I will probably not purchasing a bunch just because I like the ease of use with books that BBW has with its set up right now. Not to mention, I will still probably gravitate toward dictionaries, lexicons, grammars and the such, if they do in fact digitize a commentary I would like to see a commentary that focuses on the exegesis of the text.