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Thread: Online Hebrew Materials

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    Default Verb Morphology Quizzer

    Though not stated on the web sit, this does run on VISTA.

    Software ---> <<>>

    Screen Shots ---> <<>>

    *As I've played with this, it seems to have a ton of potential. JMHO.
    **BTW, He sent me my "register" code w/in a day.
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    Default Linear Chumash & Morah Moriah Mall

    Lessons --> <<>>
    About Us (ie. Morah Moriah) --> << >>

    Products (Some Free, Most Very Inexpesive) --> << >>

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    Default One Last Recommendation for Awhile

    You really have to check these out!

    Michael Hanel 1st mentioned them here --> <<>>

    there are two ways to navigate to it
    1. Open up iTunes and load the iTunes Store.
    2. Once store is loaded you should see a link within the iTunes store called "iTunes U" (it's right under iTunes Latino)
    3. Open up Concordia Seminary (under Universities which are in alphabetical order)


    Use the link found on this page to launch iTunes U.
    There's more gold in them Concordia Hills. You owe it to your language studies to check out their "Exegetical Resources" page.

    The value of these is taking your learning or review to the next level, by reading. You go from learning 1st year morphology and grammar stuff (theory) to reading in an actual language text with someone who knows that language (practice).

    Since they are podcast, you can subscribe to these as well as download them.

    *PS - this will be my last post in this thread for a while. I have oodles of daily multimedia material to enjoy.
    *PPS - A daily dab 'ill do ya just fine, when disciplined over days, weeks, months and years.
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    Default has a comic update - seriously

    When taking first year Hebrew, you inevitably read through, among other texts, Ruth and Jonah. now as an animated version of Jonah, including audio, in a "test page" phase. I love this kind of stuff. I would have found it ginormously helpful when swallowing/choking-down my Jonah readings at seminary.

    Check out the test "comic" here -->

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    Cool Free Church Seminary Hebrew Grammar

    I just wanted to update more resources for those who are interested head on over Free Church Seminary for lectures similar to but much better in my opinion.

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    Dang, I wish I had me a Scottish accent.

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