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    Edit: The point of this thread was and remains twofold:
    (1) to provide "review" sites for those who've already had Hebrew training, but need to brush-up in order to get the most out of BW7 software.
    (2) For those who've never had Hebrew training, but would like to get some in order to get the most out of BW7 software.

    (3) I'm partial [prejudiced] toward multimedia sites.

    Stumbled across some Hebrew stuff today, while looking for ways that people have formatted their mechanical parsing charts.

    Here's a chart put out by that you may find useful:

    Here's a website with flash-based lessons that accompany "Introducing Biblical Hebrew" by Allen P. Ross. His was the first mechanical parsing chart that I ever did see.

    You can play pong while waiting for some of his flash drilling software (i.e., his version of flash cards) - Animated Hebrew's homepage

    His mechanical parsing document can be found on this page and it's entitled "Strong Verb Flow Chart."

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