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Thread: User Notes vs. Editor

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    Default User Notes vs. Editor

    Can someone give me a quick overview of the difference between the UserNotes and the Editor... they seem fairly similar to me...


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    It's the same interface, but the user notes are always tied to either a chapter/verse reference or a chapter reference, and change depending on where you are in the Bible.

    the editor, on the other hand, is not tied to anything. So, if I'm collecting notes on a particular semitic construction found all over, I use the editor. If I'm working on a particular verse, I use the user notes. Hope this helps.

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    Building on what Ben said:

    If you want to add notes to individual verses as you read through Ephesians, you'd use the User Notes.

    If you want to do notes in one document, on the Holy Spirit in Ephesians, you'd user Editor.

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