I have noticed this problem on my system for a while. The solution, which I haven't taken the time to do, is probably uninstall and re-install. But just in case it is a common problem, I post this for narrowing down the cause.

Win XP home SP2, BW7, some Norton stuff, 1 Gb ram, plenty of hard drive space.

First time I run BW7 from Start Menu after turning on, BW splash screen stays on even after BW comes up behind it. Processor is 100% loaded. When I can get BW to close by using the window close button (top right) or the File/Exit menu, I can restart BW a couple seconds later and it comes up just fine--splash screen splashes and then disappears. Also, I've found if I can use the BW program and redraw that particular area of the screen, then once the whole splash screen has been drawn over, the processor usage immediately drops from 100% usage to idle levels and program is fine.

Any one else run into this? Or have a simple solution?