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Thread: Searching and Typing in Hebrew

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    Default Searching and Typing in Hebrew

    Question 1:
    Over the last few years, I learned how to type on an Israeli keyboard, where for example SHALOM would be typed WKUO (W=Shin, K=Lamed, U=Vav, O=MemSofit). Is there ANY way to type this in Bible Works in the search box?

    Question 2:
    Because I cannot figure out the above, I have to use the "Tools" then "BibleWorks Keyboard". When using the keyboard map, I typed in a word such as "SHALOM", then I press the ENTER key. When I press the enter key, the last letter that I clicked on (the MEM) repeats. I don't understand why?

    These are the features I use most often, so I would like to become more efficient with them.

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