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Thread: Searching for a punctuation mark

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    Default Searching for a punctuation mark

    How can I do a command line (or other) search for a question mark. I assume there is a delimiter to make it a literal thingie instead of a "wildcard for any single character."

    Bill Capel
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    Default Punctuation Search in Advanced Search Engine

    Punctuation Searches


    1) Go to the menu: Search > Set Search Limits
    2) Choose the Limit the Search using a custom search range
    3) In the box labeled range enter Job
    4) Choose the OK button


    1) Go to the menu: Search > Advanced Search Engine
    2) Choose from the menu: File > Open
    3) Open the file: PUNCTN.QF
    4) Left mouse click on the box all words agree
    5) Press the delete button, and click on the yes button

    1) Choose from the Advanced Search Engine menu: Queries > properties
    2) Choose the flag tab
    3) Check the box so that cross verse boundries is checked
    4) Click on the OK button

    1) Double left mouse click on box labeled exactly 0
    2) Choose required at the bottom
    3) Check the box custom punctuation
    4) Put a ? the box and nothing else
    5) Choose the ok button
    6) Choose the Go button

    Note: If you see the first word highlighted, it is because the previous verse ended with a ?

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    Default John the Punctuation Man

    A member for two days with two posts both helping with Puctuation searches.

    Fantastic, thanks for the great contributions!!!
    Joe Fleener
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    Default Saving great Posts

    Great post!

    Now, how do we save this for future reference? One thing to do is save it in favorites, but is there a way to tag posts within the forum itself?


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    Default Re: Searching for a punctuation mark

    If you look at my last post on the Search Question thread, you'll find an attached ASE query that you can download and run (in case you're interested, that is!)

    Hope this helps.

    Ruben Gomez

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    I am attaching a file (ASE) for finding all questions. Double click on the "Cross vs." option once the ASE is up.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    Mark Langley
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    That's right. I built a more complex ASE search because I wasn't turning on the "Cross vs." option in the original example. Thanks for pointing it out. If you get rid of one of the subqueries in my original query you will be fine (and I like the highlighting better)


    Ruben Gomez

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    I would like to do a similar search but across two versions (WTM and, say, NIV). How can I find any verse which has

    (1) a question mark in an English translation
    (2) the Hebrew article (WTM: H@Pa*)?

    Any qf-help would be really appreciated.


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    Default Try this one

    Attached is an ASE query.

    This query finds everywhere there is a '?' in the NIV and an interrogative particle in the WTM.

    In other words it looks for a '?' in the NIV and a Particle Interrogative in the WTM (h*Pg) rather than Pa.

    If you prefer Pa over Pg just open the WTM word box and change the codes, then rerun the query. It would probably be a good idea to run it both ways or with the codes *P{ga} to grab all of them.

    Hope this helps.
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    Joe Fleener
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    Psalm 46:11
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    Thumbs down

    I ran the search command for the NLT, but when I got the list, for some reason, the search omitted Gen 3:9. I ran it several times and got the same result. Why is Gen 3:9 not included since it too is a question?

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